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Ryan and I began our journey together over 9 years ago, when we began dating. We became life partners in August of 2004, and this past fall we welcomed a baby into our family. Topher Van Sol was born Oct. 3, 2009. We have two wonderful dogs that bring joy everyday and are getting used to this attention stealer! I am a counselor in training, and Ryan is an Educational Assistant at a residential treatment center. He is also working on his MSW. We live to serve and love. We are blessed my our friendships and family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

22 weeks and feeling good.

Ryan and I had another midwife appointment this week and everything is still going good. I got asked about my weight gain... I might be gaining a little quickly, but no worries! Except that it is now summer which means cookouts and baby showers! Oh well, we aren't concerned... just trying to be mindful!

As far as Baby goes, it's moving! I have finally acknowledged the fact that I feel baby move and it's not my imagination and it is so neat. I can feel thumps and turns and people might not believe me, but I can feel it's heart beat. Ryan felt it a little too. He has yet to feel the movements of the baby... as soon as he puts those big hands on my tummy, things quit. It's just his soothing nature!

I have also become a pregnant woman. I am finally showing and I am so proud of my belly. For a while there, I wasn't sure if I looked pregnant to anyone who didn't know me... but yesterday at the bus stop, and woman asked me for a lighter and then said, "Oh, never mind, you're pregnant!" So, I am not just a little bloated, I'm pregnant! Yea!

Okay, non-baby related Porter family updates.

We are in the process of buying a house. We have put in many offers on bank-owned homes, and have yet to hear back from any of those. But we did find a charming little home in the North Vally that will be a wonderful started home for us. We are in negotiations with them and it looks very promising! Please pray that the Lord makes a clear path the home we are supposed to have.

Summer school has begun for me and I am really enjoying working quickly on one class. I finished this past semester, which is a huge blessing. It was very difficult to go to school, look for a house, work, and grow a baby! But I finished strong and am looking forward to a break! Did I mention, I got an A in stats. WooHoo.

Ryan is working hard both at work and before and after. Against my wishes, he is running in the mornings and lifting weights after work. I say it's against my wishes because he is losing while I am gaining. It isn't fair! But I am proud of him nonetheless!

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer of traveling to Lubbock and El Paso for baby showers and to Colorado to celebrate Chris' (Ryan's little brother) graduation! It will also be our last summer as a duo, so we are going to live it up and hopefully stay cool!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm in love with a machine.

As most of you who are parents know, yesterday was probably one of the most amazing days. With the use of some remarkable technology, Ryan and I were able to see our little Peanut through ultrasound. It was one, if not the most, wonderful moments of my life. I was blown away with what we were able to see and experience. I got to see movements of the arms and legs, and see it twist and turn. The face, the head, heart, the bones, everything! This machine is amazing. I have seen a lot of friends’ ultrasound pictures, and they are all amazing too, but to see the movement in the moment was just… miraculous.

We are so glad to report that everything is exactly as it should be! The important things that the midwife and tech look for are all wonderfully normal. Praise the Lord!

I had a few favorite moments! One was when the tech wanted to look at the Baby’s brain, so she found it’s head and Baby was completely still and sideways. As soon as she said that she was going to go in closer and get a good look, my little Sassy Baby turned completely the other way! The tech laughed and Ryan looked right at me with that look, like “this is you child!”

Another favorite moment is when she was able to zoom close in to the baby’s face, and at that moment, Baby lifted its arms and began putting its hand in it mouth. We got to see the mouth open, and the tongue lick the fingers, and it was just incredible. I am just in awe of this machine and how it truly made me and Ryan feel so much closer to this little thing! I want one every week now! But, like a friend said, it’s a good thing that I only get one… that means nothing is wrong! I can’t wait to see this little masterpiece in person.

Here is a profile look. The spine is the line down the back. It's perfect.

Here is a little foot. I thought, considering who I married, this might be bigger! But it's still growing. Measured in a 3.04 cm! Can't wait to kiss those toes.

Here is a look of the baby looking right at us! A little skeleton, but gorgeous!

Here is another profile picture. The nose, lips, and chin are visible.

Here is one we got of Baby sucking its thumb! TOO CUTE!

And, lastly, here is our Little One in 3D. It was difficult to get a good picture here because Baby was cuddled up to my placenta. To get a good picture, there needs to be liquid all around, but this Baby is like Ryan and is cuddling. I am happy with what we were able to see!