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Ryan and I began our journey together over 9 years ago, when we began dating. We became life partners in August of 2004, and this past fall we welcomed a baby into our family. Topher Van Sol was born Oct. 3, 2009. We have two wonderful dogs that bring joy everyday and are getting used to this attention stealer! I am a counselor in training, and Ryan is an Educational Assistant at a residential treatment center. He is also working on his MSW. We live to serve and love. We are blessed my our friendships and family.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus...

As I entered the bus yesterday, I was hot and uncomfortable, but nonetheless, it was going to be another short ride to work. As I made my way to the back of the bus to find an empty seat, I was surprised how crowded it was for a Wednesday mid-morning. I found a seat at the end of the bus, and was quickly surrounded by more people. This generally doesn’t bother me, but this day, something was different.

Usually my bus rides are filled with people who are diverse and eclectic, which makes each ride an adventure. I meet people who are homeless, transient, college students, office workers, parolees, and hippies who don’t drive. Most of the time, I read or listen to music, and occasionally engage in small talk, and my commute to work is hassle free and quick.

Today, however, I was brought to tears by a young man who showed the slightest bit of kindness to me, a stranger. Like I said, I found a seat at the back of a very crowded bus and each seat around me was taken. It seems that my seat was right in the line of conversation of men who all knew each other, and decided to catch up on the ride down Central Ave. Their conversation was almost as appalling as their smell. My eyes watered from the body odor and alcohol as we stopped at what seemed like every bus stop between here and there. They discussed being in jail and fighting and even how their shoes were still stained with the blood of their last encounters. One man decided my lap would be the best place to prop his leg to show off his shoe. I gave a look, not wanting to be mad, but wanting to make him aware of my presence. He didn’t get the gesture.

This continued just a moment longer, until I was about to throw up from all the things listed above. Luckily, I am over my morning sickness, but nonetheless, I felt the emotions and fear of confinement coming along with an upset stomach. I was about to reach my limit when a young man caught my eye, and asked if I wanted his seat.

I graciously nodded, he then stood up, cleared the men from my path and sat me in the corner seat of the back of the bus. I was next to a window and had space to breathe. My new friend, then placed himself between me and the men who had obviously offended me, and he stood there until my stop. As I was leaving the bus, I thanked my new friend, and felt completely taken care of. I came to work and shared my story of the young man on the bus who gave up his seat and showed kindness with few words. He probably just felt sorry for the pregnant lady, but he made my day.

I started this blog to share news of our new baby and keep family up-to-date, and this is exactly the kind of story I want to remember.