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Ryan and I began our journey together over 9 years ago, when we began dating. We became life partners in August of 2004, and this past fall we welcomed a baby into our family. Topher Van Sol was born Oct. 3, 2009. We have two wonderful dogs that bring joy everyday and are getting used to this attention stealer! I am a counselor in training, and Ryan is an Educational Assistant at a residential treatment center. He is also working on his MSW. We live to serve and love. We are blessed my our friendships and family.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take TWO!!!!

So, I put Topher down on his play gym for one minute while I go to the restroom and I come back... and BAM... he's on his tummy! I missed it. The first roll over!

But do not fear... I got the second on video! Here is the little guy rolling over!

Yes, he does roll into the table... and no, it did not hurt! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, the milestones!

This past week was a huge week for me. I left Topher for the first time. I began my semester last Thursday and Topher stayed at the church building with a friend. He did great! He ate, played and slept. Gina said he did great, and she did great too. She texted me throughout the morning and even sent me a picture so I would be put at ease. I did begin to relax around 10am. I was in such a rush to return to my little man that I didn't even stop and talking to my teacher like I normally do. Yes, I am a teacher's pet... or at least try to be! Topher is so wonderful at being with other people. He gives smiles freely and is not shy about throwing up on anyone!

This past Sunday he also had a first... his first Sunday school time! Usually I take him to class with Ryan and I and he does great... he sits there and listens and occasionally times-in with a very thoughtful and challenging comment, but this past Sunday, he was very passionate about his views and I decided he might be better in the nursery. So, he went to Cradle Roll and met and watched all kinds of new friends! He even took a little nap! I fell so confident in leaving him and the church even has little pagers they give you in case your little one needs you. I have to admit, that even though it never went off... I was constantly looking at it. I even held it for about 10 minutes! Below is my little man at Sunday School. He is really getting so big... well, not compared to the kid next to him! My friend, Shannon, said it looks like Topher is conducting a meeting! He is so precious!

Topher and I also embarked on the wonderful world that is reusable diapers! I am so excited about this! We decided to try a brand of diapers that a friend uses called Fuzzi Bunz. It's a big investment up front, but they will last until he is potty trained, and if we should make another baby, they will last. I am still trying to master the washing, but it seems to be fine! I am excited to cut back on our waste!
Topher also has slept through the night for a whole week now. There are still mornings he wakes up a little early, but I check on him, and tell him he can't get up until 6am. He talks a little and then most times, falls back asleep. He is doing great on his schedule and takes great morning naps and OK afternoon naps. He loves when Ryan comes home and they play.
Topher is 16 wks now and I can't believe how much he's grown. He brings me such joy! He laughs and talks and is wonderfully funny! Next week we will have his 4 month check up... and shots! YUK! But I can't wait to get an offical weigh in and measurment. I'll update that as soon as it happens.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We did it.

Even though we are sleeping through the night... I still fall asleep if I am still for too long!

Sweet baby... I had to take more pictures in this coat that is now too small. I love him with ears.

Hanging out.

Tummy time. His neck is working hard!

4 nights in a row, Mr. Topher Van Sol Porter slept through the night! He no longer wakes up, no cries, no ba-ji, no belly rubs... NADA! Ryan said he heard him squirm a little, but I didn't... I hope I didn't lose my mommy ears! I used to hear every breathe!

So, I think we are headed to a more stable road of eating, playing, and sleeping. He is just a precious baby. I love him more and more. He is becoming so strong and a lot more fun to play with. He loves getting nibbled on and giggling at everything! He is such a joy.

I am truly blessed.

But... this week has been sort of sad for me... I start school tomorrow! I have such mixed emotions about it and have tried very hard not to think about leaving Topher, but about getting back to my degree! I miss learning and interacting with my classmates and friends... but the thought of Topher doing anything without me is really hard to handle. I don't want to miss a smile or cry, I want to put him down for his nap and be there when he wakes up. I know that school and career are really what I need to do- I just hope I can make it through tomorrow with my eyeballs in tact!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Probably going to jinx it...

This week was a weird and emotional time for me... and I can't put my finger on the reason. There were a few days where I just felt like crying. I thought I past these post-partum waves of emotion! With some love and encouragement, I have reached equilibrium again!

But the thing I don't want to jinx is... TOPHER SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! (Okay, well, kinda) We began a more rigid feed/wake/sleep schedule and he went to sleep after a 9pm feeding and woke up at 3:30am, but went back to sleep after a comforting belly rub and slept until 6am, when I woke him for his morning feeding! So, this was the first night he went a full night without eating! WOOHOO! Will it happen again tonight... who knows? Sundays are always hard because of church. He kinda naps at church and feeding is always a little weird, but we shall see! The funny thing is I kept waking up to check on him! I guess I am going to need to learn how to sleep through the night again!

Anyway, it's just a wonderful feeling to 'accomplish' something I felt would never happen! Special thanks to my sister-in-love, Rose. She handheld me through the process and thought about prayed for me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 months old

How time flies... Little Man Topher is almost 15 weeks old and is just too wonderful for words. He and I have a great time being home together... most of the time. This week he and I went grocery shopping and he rode around the store in his Baby Bjorn. No tears or whining which was completely exciting for me. When we wear it around the house, he can only stand it for about 10 minutes... so the whole shopping trip was a huge success. Next, I want to try the Moby wrap... again, at home not so much!

I start school next week and have such mixed emotions about it. I feel excited to see my friends again and continue on with my education... but also totally sad that I am going to be away from him. It's going to be a hard adjustment for me. God blessed me with a wonderful new friend at Montgomery who is going to watch Topher for me on Thursday mornings. I feel confident that she will love and care for Topher and she is at the church building, so she'll have plenty of support if she needs it.

We also had a wonderful Christmas holiday with the Brown family and the Porter people. Topher was held and loved by so many and I just count us all blessed by the families that Ryan and I came from.