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Ryan and I began our journey together over 9 years ago, when we began dating. We became life partners in August of 2004, and this past fall we welcomed a baby into our family. Topher Van Sol was born Oct. 3, 2009. We have two wonderful dogs that bring joy everyday and are getting used to this attention stealer! I am a counselor in training, and Ryan is an Educational Assistant at a residential treatment center. He is also working on his MSW. We live to serve and love. We are blessed my our friendships and family.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My last post was a quick reflection of how precious life is and how thankful I truly am. I mentioned a friend who recently gave birth to a small 25 week old baby...well, today that sweet baby boy passed away, just 4 days old. I am grieving for all the things that my friend must be going through... feelings and thoughts I hope to never understand.

I mourn for her and that her first experience with motherhood is so laiden with sadness. I pray for her marriage and the rest of her family. If you are reading this, please take a moment, and pray for Erin.

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